SZA is in love with Justin Bieber in “Snooze”, his sensual new music video

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SZA took her time. Five years separate “Ctrl”, the album which revealed the R&B singer to the general public, and “SOS”, the second effort released in December 2002 after what seemed like an eternity for an industry where everything always goes faster. But the St. Louis native diva was right to be desired. Led by the hit “Kill Bill” (1.2 billion streams on Spotify), his record started at number one on the American charts with 318,000 counter sales and remained there for 10 non-consecutive weeks, the longest number of a female artist of the decade 2020! ” I wanted to grow. I wanted to do something completely different. It’s hard to make music as a black woman because we don’t have the luxury of trying something and making it truly part of us. You have to let people know different parts of you. Some people might really hate it, and others might like it. And I’m grateful to those who appreciate it ┬╗ comments to Billboard the one who was named Woman of the Year by the prestigious magazine.

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“Nobody do body like you do”

Since then, SZA has embarked on a world tour, the “SOS Tour”, which began on February 21 in Columbus and criss-crossed North America, before stopping in Europe. The 33-year-old artist notably filled the Accor Arena in Paris on June 5 and his album has exceeded 40,000 copies sold here, proof of his ever-increasing popularity. Promo question, the album has especially surfed on the success of the titles “Nobody Gets Me” and “Kill Bill” to occupy the media space. But now, the interpreter of “Good Days” has set his sights on another excerpt: this is the romantic “Snooze”, currently 11th in the American Hot 100. A languorous title produced by Babyface (, Toni Braxton, Boyz II Men, whitney houston…) and The Rascals (Drake, Ariana Grande) on which SZA vows to give herself entirely to the man she loves: ” I can’t lose when I’m with you / How can I snooze and miss the moment? / You just too important / Nobody do body like you do “.

Yes but… which one? In the clip for “Snooze”, SZA has a good time with four different boys and four exceptional guests: justin bieber, actor Woody McClain (“Power Book II”), Young Mazino (“Fierce” on Netflix) and producer Benny Blanco. However, it is for a… robot made of printed circuit boards that she reserves her most intimate and lascivious moments. Perfect for raising the temperature!

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