T-Mobile accelerates to 400 Gbit / s

T-Mobile accelerates to 400 Gbit / s

T-Mobile has prepared its transmission infrastructure for the transmission of Ethernet signals with a speed of 400 Gbit / s between any locations in the optical backbone network. In this way, the magenta operator is getting ready for the increase in the popularity of 5G services and the growing needs of B2B customers and Cloud services.

The first implementation of this type of T-Mobile took place in October 2021 between data centers in Warsaw. It is possible thanks to the use of the newest coherent optical technology which enables transmission signals up to 800 Gbit / s using a single DWDM channel.

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As T-Mobile argues, new and faster connections will allow for the development of the highest quality international services for business clientsand will guarantee adequate bandwidth to external operators and service providers around the world.

Offering the highest quality services requires a comprehensive view of the entire network infrastructure and responding to the changing needs of customers in every element of it. Investments in increasing the capacity of key infrastructure links secure our and our clients’ needs for years to come

– said Marcin Dobrowolski, Director of the Transmission and Infrastructure Department at T-Mobile Polska.

T-Mobile is intensively expanding its network. Recently, an operator also concluded an agreement with Światłowód Inwestycjethanks to which it gained access to 730,000 households. In this way, the range of T-Mobile’s fiber optic services has increased to 4.7 million households in Poland, which gives the operator second place in Poland.

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Photo Source: Misael Garcia of Pexel

Text Source: T-Mobile

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