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T-Mobile is developing the SD-WAN service

Service SD-WAN from T-Mobile simplifies and optimizes the construction of corporate networks, improving quality, analytical capabilities and network control.

“SD ‑ WAN by T ‑ Mobile” is a modern, integrated solution that simplifies the management of the WAN network by integrating network and security functions and using the mechanism of centralized management of all network elements. Its distinguishing features are, above all, the optimization of traffic at the application level, an advanced security system, the possibility of multi-access in the active link model, extensive big data analytics allowing for the analysis of quality parameters and the possibility of full integration with the existing MPLS network. SD ‑ WAN enables optimal use of bandwidth and increases application performance or minimizes packet loss.

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The service is offered from September 2020. Since then, T ‑ Mobile has been praising the benefits of SD ‑ WAN, listening to customer expectations and developing its offer. Currently, the operator has solutions from three suppliers in its portfolio: Versa Networks, Cisco Meraki and Cisco Viptela. Thanks to this, T-Mobile can adapt the service to the individual needs of a specific customer, depending on the technical requirements, applications used, operation on cloud resources, network coverage, currently used solutions, the number of branches or the budget.

During the analysis, implementation and management of SD ‑ WAN, the client is accompanied by a team of T ‑ Mobile engineers, developing the functionalities and capabilities of the service and solutions offered by one of the three vendors. Thanks to this, it is possible not only to optimize costs, but also to adjust the service to the new needs of the client. This approach allows for the appropriate adaptation of the technology and facilitates the implementation of the entire process, from the idea and demand for managed SD-WAN in the company, through analysis and implementation, to ensuring technological continuity and further technology development in the future.

To encourage customers to implement SD ‑ WAN in their companies and help in choosing a specific platform, T ‑ Mobile has prepared a special publication in the form of an e-book. More than 40 pages of material is a compendium of knowledge about technology and business benefits resulting from its use. It contains information on the prospects for its development, expert opinions and examples of implementations. The reader will also find information on how SD-WAN responds to the challenges of remote work and how it supports commonly used Unified Communications solutions, contributing to the increase in efficiency of working from home. The guide is available at this address.

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