T-Mobile offers fiber with a speed of 800 Gbit / s

T-Mobile already offers data transfer between any locations in the optical backbone network at 400 Gbit / s, and even 800 Gbit / s using a single DWDM channel. This is an amazing achievement that will be especially appreciated by business clients.

The operator recently signed a contract with the company Optical fiber Investments. As a result, T-Mobile gained access to as many as 730,000 new households. Now the company does 4.7 million households within reach throughout Poland.

As emphasized by experts on Internet technologies in the Polish space of the Internet, magenta operator it is now second in the country in terms of fiber optic services. However, the company has several more agreements up its sleeve that will increase its reach even more.

T-Mobile argues that new services and faster information exchange in fiber optic networks it will allow for the development of the highest quality international services for business clients, and will also offer Poland one of the highest positions in fast communication in Europe.

As the basis for the development of modern countries around the world is precisely 5G network and fiber optic technologies, when Polish operators will offer more and more professional services, it will also be associated with a better quality of life for residents.


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