Tablet with a note – it’s inevitable

Tablets have seemed to rule their own laws so far. While the bezels around smartphone screens have long been reduced to the limit, tablets still scare with huge spaces above and below the displays. Now they are taking over one of the worst traits of their little brothers – notche!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will be hurt

The incredible impact Apple has on the consumer electronics industry is unbelievable. Even in a situation where a solution is simply ugly, the company almost hypnotizes designers sitting behind the desks of competing corporations, so they follow the same design paths.

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One example of such an approach is the infamous notch, i.e. the front camera cutout in the screen. While in the case of Apple devices, such a shape of the display still makes sense (though not always), usually in other brand devices, notch is nothing more than a lazy copy of the equipment with the logo of a bitten apple.

It would not be a problem if this nasty element was limited to devices of the same type. After all, Android smartphones very rarely use the notch, and instead, the camera holes are preferable. Now, however, this trend is “infecting” tablets.

On the Web Graphics showing the appearance of upcoming models appeared Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 in three varieties: primary, Plus and Ultra. In at least one of them you can see a note on a pair of front cameras for video calls. Horrible.

The location of the camera depends on the version of the tablet

Of course, the differences between the individual editions Galaxy Tab S8 there will be more, but the most visible will be notch version Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. Option Plus apparently he will avoid this fate, but the tablet will still have two cameras – on the top and side edges. In the basic model, you will have to be content with a single eyelet on the front camera.

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The specification of the devices has not been confirmed, but the information so far suggested that it should be used close to a 15-inch screen with 120 Hz refresh and the top Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor – at least in the highest option. Battery capacities, depending on the version, will be 8000 mAh, 1090 mAh or 11500 mAh.

I wonder if Samsung will ever refer to the “need” of using a notch in a tablet on Android during the premiere. I would like to see that.

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