‘Crimes are gonna go through the roof’

Metro By Steve Janoski Published Nov. 19, 2023, 7:06 pm ET Superstar rapper Cardi B has reportedly gone after Mayor Eric Adams for announcing a set of severe budget cuts last week, saying that “crimes are gonna go through the roof” because of Hizzoner’s plan to chop the NYPD budget, among other things. The 5% … Read more

Oppenheimer: Christopher Nolan reduced filming by 30 days to pay for sets

Thanks to these budget savings, the film’s production designer, Ruth De Jong, was able to completely rebuild Los Alamos in the New Mexico desert. Last July, we learned from Cillian Murphy thatOppenheimer had been shot in less than sixty days. Not so easy for a 100 million dollar production. Yet, Christopher Nolan originally planned a … Read more