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The American actress Anne Heche leaves us

That always melancholy look, barely veiled by a typical American girl’s smile, has already conquered us from her interpretation of Maggie Pistone, character in the film Donnie Brasco 1997 by Mike Newell, in which she was the wife of the protagonist Donnie, an undercover agent of the FBI, the film …

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that’s what was wrong with his story

There were 7 stab wounds that killed little Elena Del Pozzo’s life. The 5-year-old girl lashed out at her, with brutal blows to her back and neck, was her mother, Martina Patti. The 23-year-old herself confessed this after trying for a day to mislead investigators by telling of a kidnapping …

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Girodivite: Catania, 6-11 June 2022: Learn comics

“Learn by Comics” is the summer edition of Learn by Movies, the original language film club of the University of Catania, dedicated this year to comics, graphic novels and drawing. The review will be held in two locations: Monday 6 at the Adua arena and from Tuesday 7 to Saturday …

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