Channel 5 pulls history doc from TV schedules after contributor was exposed as a ‘hardline Nazi’ who posted images of herself doing Hitler salute, licking swastika lollipop and calling for Sam Smith to be ‘gassed’

The Year the Thames Flooded was due to air last night but has been pulled Nikki Shaw has penned self-published books that she sells on Amazon Do you know this woman? Email A Channel 5 history documentary has been pulled at the last minute after one of the show’s contributors was exposed as a … Read more

‘I was covered in mud and wee!’

Melinda Messenger has revealed how she secretly met fiancé Dr Raj Joshi while filming gruelling survival show SAS: Who Dares Wins in Vietnam – thanking the series for ‘changing her life’. The former glamor model, 51, was previously thought to have first met her soon-to-be-husband, 47, while preparing for a 48-mile hike across Nepal, however … Read more

a popular news channel popular with young people

“How do you really find your way? Should we really reduce school holidays or restore the uniform at school? » Facing the camera, the youtubeur Hugo Travers, 26, lists in a short video the examples of questions he will ask Emmanuel Macron, Monday, September 4, during an interview on “the future of young people” broadcast … Read more