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the chunky sneakers on offer at an unmissable price

If sneakers are part of your wardrobe and at the same time you don’t miss any trend, there’s great news for you! Le Fila Disruptor, le chunky sneakers the undisputed protagonists of the outfits of influencers and celebs are a half pricean opportunity that you absolutely cannot miss! Design and …

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Sicily is the new favorite destination for TV series

There Sicily it is the new promised land for serial productions. At least that’s what the American magazine claims varietywhich lists different tv series who have identified our largest island as their main scenario. Different international streaming servicesin fact, they have chosen these places to kick off their Italian productions, …

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Anne Hathaway: 10 films not to be missed

When we saw her in Pretty Princess we already knew that his star was destined to shine: with her big doe eyes and a soap and water face, Anne Hathaway she became the protagonist of unforgettable moviesproving his acting talent. On the other hand, the acting it’s in his blood: …

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