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“It’s everyone’s problem”

Angelina Jolie she has always combined her profession as an actress with her role as an activist. After traveling to some of the poorest places on the planet, places destroyed by war and hunger, the ex-wife of Brad Pitt has embraced the cause of fighting against domestic violence against women. …

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Angelina Jolie will be Maria Callas in her next film

Angelina Jolie Sara Maria Callas in the new film by director Pablo Larraín dedicated to the famous opera singer. After bringing Kennedy’s wife back to life in the 2016 film Jackie (where the assassination of JFK was told) and having made Kristen Stewart wear the role of Princess Diana in …

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Angelina Jolie flew to Lviv as an envoy for the UN

Angelina Jolie flew to Lvivin Ukraine, where she went to ascertain the health conditions of the local population as an envoy for the United Nations. The actress, who has been carrying out humanitarian activities in different parts of the Earth for years, has made a surprise appearance in the city …

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