Death of Gérard Collomb: a “social reformist” behind the transformation of Lyon

Socialist Baron of Lyon who became an early supporter of Emmanuel MacronGérard Collomb, 76 years old, fought for a long time in the opposition before embodying his city for almost twenty years then experiencing a delicate end marked by his defeat in the 2020 municipal elections. Officially, it is to resume his stronghold that the … Read more

Emmanuel Macron ready for a reshuffle? “He puts himself in a position to change”

Is Élisabeth Borne living her last moments at Matignon? This is what early Marchers and other Macronists agree to think if we are to believe an article in Parisian published this Tuesday, November 28. “Only four months have passed since the head of government was confirmed Rue de Varenne, in July. But already voices raise … Read more

Prize for humor in politics: discover the “little sentences” selected in 2023

“The gas station is the only place in France where the one who holds the gun is also the one who gets robbed.” At the time of uttering this sentence, on TF1, the communist deputy Fabien Roussel probably did not expect to receive the 2022 political humor prize. The former candidate for the presidential election … Read more

Darminin, between provocation and sabotage

National unity will not be a luxury to soothe the minds of people in France today. This new war in the Middle East is roiling and dividing the country. The situation is similar elsewhere, but France has both Europe’s largest Jewish community and the largest Muslim community, so conflicts on the other side of the … Read more

The familiar tragedy that leads to one of the alliances that Brigitte Macron raised

The main misterio for resolving the first lady of France is located on the ring of your hand and does not have anything to do with your husband. Brigitte Marie Claude Trogneux (70) and Emmanuel Jean Michel Fréderic Macron (46) are the protagonists of a complicated love story that sellaron hace ahora 16 años in … Read more

a popular news channel popular with young people

“How do you really find your way? Should we really reduce school holidays or restore the uniform at school? » Facing the camera, the youtubeur Hugo Travers, 26, lists in a short video the examples of questions he will ask Emmanuel Macron, Monday, September 4, during an interview on “the future of young people” broadcast … Read more

Five things to know about Emmanuel Macron’s visit to New Caledonia

A year and a half after the “no” victory in the self-determination referendum of December 2021, President Emmanuel Macron is traveling to New Caledonia, from July 24 to 26, in a highly delicate context. The blocking of discussions between the separatists and the loyalists has frozen any progress in the process of developing a new … Read more