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How to end the abuse of electricity and gas rates | Opinion

The Government and the EU are mulling over how to get their hands on the continuous increase in energy prices. The formation of the prices of these essential products is marked by the dependence on the supplier of the raw materials, by the wholesale pricing system and by how competition …

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How to create and edit custom maps and invite friends

We explain how to create maps from scratch and fully customized in Free Fire. Learn how to edit them and discover how to create rooms and invite your friends to have a great time. are you that kind of creative players who love it design your own maps and scenarios …

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How to get free characters with Link system

This is how you can get any Free Fire character for free with the Link system; play matches and collect link points to unlock your favorite character. From a March 2022 update free fire has included one of the most important novelties in the game: the system linka system that …

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