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Run all night: plot and cast

Run all night is a 2015 thriller film starring Liam Neeson, now recreating an action star career after the Taken saga. New adventure in the action genre for Liam Neeson, a very popular actor in auteur cinema in the eighties and nineties, who became an action star after the age …

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The two sides in the posters of The Umbrella Academy 3

This morning the promotional campaign Netflix linked to the third season of The Umbrella Academy has produced two exciting new posters. The two posters, obviously distributed through the social channels of the series, collect interest because they show the two sides to the public (Umbrella Academy And Sparrow Academy), actually …

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Tusk: Kevin Smith is working on a sequel

The star of Tusk Justin Long recently revealed that Kevin Smith could make his theatrical return to the Great White North with a sequel to the walrus-based horror film. In an interview with SlashFilm, Long, who played podcasting lead Wallace in 2014’s Tusk, shared that “[Smith] he wrote us all …

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