Senatorial elections: 28 seats for the Rhdp, 3 for the Pdci-Rda and one independent

The list of winners of the senatorial elections were published on Saturday September 16, 2023 by the Independent Electoral Commission (Cei). The ruling party, the Rhdp, won 28 seats, compared to 3 for the Pdci-Rda and a list without a political label. 1-IFFOU REGION KOUADIO DELPHIN AND DIBY BEATRICE (PDCI) 2-MORONOU REGION KOUAMÉ OI KOUAMÉ … Read more

film scores available on September 16, 2023 / News ::

ORIGINAL MUSIC (FROM MOVIES) – (September 16, 2023)• (At the cinema on 25-10) Julie Roué meets the Belgians Ann Sirot and Raphaël Balboni for their second feature film after “Une vie démente” (2021, music by Nils Frahm). This whimsical comedy tests the fidelity of a couple through a fantastic element (unable to have children, Sandra … Read more

film music available on August 19, 2023 / News ::

ORIGINAL MUSIC (FROM MOVIES) – 22D Music (August 16, 2023)• (At the cinema on 09-08) Amine Bouhafa composes the music for the first Moroccan fantasy film directed by Sofia Alaoui. It offers an ethereal score, mixing strings, guitar and winds, which gently evokes supernatural events. Sounds reminiscent of a siren mark a state of emergency … Read more

What music in films and series to discover the week of August 16, 2023? / News ::

EXITS AT THE MOVIE THEATER OUR SELECTION OF THE WEEK WHAT TO SEE AT THE CINEMA FOR FILMS AND THEIR MUSIC ORIGINAL : Yelli Yelli (Emilie Hanak), Florent Charissoux and Dino Spiluttini sign the original music of the fantastic romance by Patric Chiha, the story of a man (Tom Mercier) and a woman (Anaïs Demoustier) … Read more