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Miley Cyrus bets on vintage looks

Vintage fashion is on the rise, after Kim Kardashian gave the internet a buzz for choosing actress Marilyn Monroe’s dress for the “Met Gala” this year, the new celebrity who is betting on older looks is singer Miley Cyrus. On her trip to New York last week, the eternal Hannah …

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Remember Dwayne Johnson’s Greatest Films

The Rock plays the warrior Mathayus, hired to stop the rise of the evil ruler Memnon (Steven Brand). For this, he will have the help of the enemy tribes, who have banded together to overthrow Memnon, and the sorceress (Kelly Hu).The Tooth Fairy (2010)Derek Thompson (Dwayne Johnson) is a promising …

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Spotify: How to reduce the data used in the app

The streaming app Spotify houses more than just music, because in it you can also find podcastmusic albums, playlists and friend profiles. How to save cellular data on Spotify? Like any application, some of its functions are only available using the internet, since the paid version does not require data. …

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