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the film helped Mike Flanagan overcome alcoholism

The director of the sequel to The Shining told this delicate background of his life during an interview. Doctor Sleepnovel by the famous horror writer Stephen Kingreleased in 2014 in Italy, is the actual sequel to Shining (1977), a well-known book that became a film in 1980 with Jack Nicholson …

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MUBI, the releases of December 2022

To close 2022, the streaming platform MUBI offers three new films released this year, different from each other: That Kind Of Summer (2022) by Canadian director Denis Côté who proposes the portrait of three women invited to a clinic to address their sexual problems, Blank Narcissus (Passion Of The Swamp) …

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that’s why the actress has to stay at home

Nicole Kidman may win her second Oscar, but she unfortunately had to say no to the traditional award nominees luncheon. Nicole Kidman does not attend the traditional lunch among all the Oscar nominees, the doctor ordered her to stay at home Nicole Kidman he could win his second Oscars thanks …

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