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the house where they lived

Definitely one of divorces more media coverage of recent times the one between Johnny Depp And Amber Heard. On social networks, through reciprocal accusations, vices and mutual (alleged) abuses have been exposed in the light of the sun. A sit-com in perfect Hollywood style in the background a set worthy …

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Sara Battaglia raises from Milan

Sara Battaglia (courtesy Sara Battaglia) «In the US I have a good following of celebrities, from Jennifer Lopez to Julia Roberts. So after the Milan fashion week I have a series of American trunk shows planned». Word of Sara Battle, a Milanese designer with an international following who relaunches from …

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that’s why the actress has to stay at home

Nicole Kidman may win her second Oscar, but she unfortunately had to say no to the traditional award nominees luncheon. Nicole Kidman does not attend the traditional lunch among all the Oscar nominees, the doctor ordered her to stay at home Nicole Kidman he could win his second Oscars thanks …

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