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I carry him on my lap just to bury him

The story of Nancy Davis, a young woman from Louisiana who was denied the right to abortion after the sentence of the Supreme Court last June, despite the fact that the fetus was diagnosed with a very serious malformation: the baby could be born without a skull. “I carry this …

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Usa, Louisiana: abortion denied to woman with malformed fetus

A Louisiana woman was denied the right to have an abortion despite her doctors having advised her to terminate the pregnancy following a very serious malformation of the fetus, acrania, which would not allow him to survive until a few days after giving birth. But the doctors could not proceed …

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infected with vibrio, raw fish bacterium

A man in Florida (United States) died of a bacterial infection caused by eating a raw oyster in a restaurant. The victim, whose name was not disclosed, had dined at the end of July at the Rustic Inn Crabhouse. He only felt ill a few days later, from there he …

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