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Emily Dickinson: life, ideas and poems

Transgression, imagination, complexity: this is what the life of Emily Dickinson (1830-1886), which, if at first glance it may seem simple and withdrawn, reveals itself to a more attentive eye fascinating And full of facetsjust like them hundreds of compositions which she composed sitting at the desk in her room. …

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films to see that deal with the theme of violence

Ilenia Tesoro / EyeEmGetty Images “Why is sexual harassment so prevalent yet so hard to talk about?” wonders one of the characters of She Saidthe film that reconstructs the investigation of two journalists of New York Times who, five years ago, impeached producer Harvey Weinstein, unleashed the #Metoo and opened …

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US elections, Americans also vote on referendums

Referendum on Abortion – The termination of pregnancy, after the overturning of the sentence of the Supreme Court, was one of the hot topics of this electoral round, on which the citizens of the states of California, Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, Vermont and Colorado were called to vote . In Michigan …

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