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The Amazing World of Tim Burton, film retrospective

Milan – From 13 January to 5 February 2023 at the Cineteca Milano Mic (via Fulvio Testi 121) the film festival is held The Amazing World of Tim Burtona tribute to the dense filmography of the American director Tim Burton, to discover his poetics and his profound and personal cinematographic …

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indisputable director and gothic style icon in fashion

Skip to content Home/Fashion/Tim Burton: indisputable director and gothic fashion icon Tim Burton: indisputable director and gothic fashion icon Undisputed genius for his ability to build unimaginable realities, today he is Tim Burton’s style is unmistakable and has become fashionable. And, now, also irresistible, thanks to the viral diffusion of …

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NerDisney #13 – Alice in Wonderland

My memories Like all Disney classics too Alice in Wonderland it was in heavy rotation at my house, but I have one particular memory: the film was on a recorded videotape from the television that began by skipping the opening credits – inspired by the illustrations in John Tenniel’s book …

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