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The love horoscope for summer 2022, sign by sign

A’summer without love is like a sofa without Netflix. To understand how this year will go we consulted the stars. Indeed, we have contacted those who study and observe the stars every night: Antonia Fiore, former advertising photographer, now an expert in astrology. She answered us with a horoscope in …

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Kid Cudi between passion and derivation

The September 30th the new project (or rather, new projects) of Scott Mescudiin art Kid Cudi: Entergalacticwhich is both a music album and one special on Netflix. Both products deal with topics such as loneliness, love and the dynamics of being in a relationshiptold from the point of view of …

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Marilyn Monroe’s hair how to do it today

Norma Jeane Baker had wavy brown hair. She then she turned blonde and turned into Marilyn Monroe, intelligently cultivating the clich√© of dizziness, feeding the myth of one of the most beloved divas of all time. The biopic is dedicated to the unforgettable Hollywood legend, with a tormented charm Blonde …

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