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Martina Franca | no water in Sao Paulo

Martina Franca: no water in San Paolo, Lanzo and via Taranto from 9 to 17 This was announced by Aqp (Thursday 26 May 2022) Today dat 9 at 17 suspended the water supply in part of the territory of Martina Franca. Specifically in San Paul, Lanzo and go Taranto. …

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Oscar 2022 | from Paolo Sorrentino to “Luca”

Oscar 2022: from Paolo Sorrentino to “Luca”, who are the Italian candidates this year (Thursday 24 March 2022) The night of the Oscar 2022 is approaching with great strides. And at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, Los Angeles, almost everything is ready for the most anticipated of the cinema …

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