Will Ryan Gosling win an Oscar for Barbie? Warner Bros. campaigns for Ken

Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach will also be able to compete for the statuette for best original screenplay, rather than best adaptation. Following its crazy success at the box office, Warner Bros would like to compete barbie at the next Oscars. Variety details that the studio intends to offer the biggest hit of 2023 in … Read more

The authorities plan to build a “Cinema-City”.

(Agency Ecofin) – In South Africa, local authorities want to create a city dedicated to cinematographic production. The government wants to create an area where production houses can set up and sets can attract filmmakers. In South Africa, local authorities want to establish a town where production studios can be set up and where directors … Read more

Oppenheimer: Christopher Nolan reduced filming by 30 days to pay for sets

Thanks to these budget savings, the film’s production designer, Ruth De Jong, was able to completely rebuild Los Alamos in the New Mexico desert. Last July, we learned from Cillian Murphy thatOppenheimer had been shot in less than sixty days. Not so easy for a 100 million dollar production. Yet, Christopher Nolan originally planned a … Read more