“Nothing is posted without my consent”: in Paris, Instagram trains parents on the proper use of its platform

Headphones on, Jessica waits in front of the Gare Saint-Lazare (8th arrondissement). This Parisian mother is not addicted to her smartphone. Moreover, Jessica closely monitors her two boys, aged 7 and 8, as soon as they turn on the tablet. “I control everything!” », she slips. Next to her, a temporary stand in pink and … Read more

Famous influencers created with artificial intelligence | FAMA

Desde hace ya varios años, las social rights no one can connect with all of your friends, for most of the things that you are talking to, otherwise it is also converted into a channel to transmit messages, promote brands and more, whichever is necessary, obviously, for people who are working for you ”. From … Read more

“Masculist remarks seen as extreme 10 years ago are becoming commonplace”

Pauline Ferrari is an independent journalist, specializing in new technologies as well as social issues, particularly related to gender. In Trained to hate women: how masculinists infiltrate social networksshe is interested in these communities whose worrying progression has only accelerated on the Internet in recent years. I base myself on a definition made by the … Read more

But why is everyone mad at Emily Ratajkowski?

CHLOÉ’S OBSESSION – The photos of a passionate kiss, exchanged by the model and the actor Stéphane Bak, sparked a host of sexist comments. But why are we so hard on EmRata? This week, we were enthusiastically scrolling through our news feed, looking for newsworthy scoops. Quickly bored by the in-depth examination of the 25 … Read more

Emily Ratajkowski in a relationship with a famous French actor: these photos that surprised the Web

Separated from the father of her son for several months, Emily Ratajkowski was recently surprised in the streets of Paris, with a famous French actor. But who is the new chosen one of the American model’s heart? After four years of marriage, Emily Ratajkowski decided to leave her son’s father, Sebastian Bear-McClard, despite his many … Read more

here are the most beautiful nationalities in the world, according to AI! Is France one of them?

Beauty can reside in the color of the eyes, in the depth of the gaze or in the way the face highlights them. The concept of beauty is neither universal nor unchanging over time. Mauricio Saldivar Meteored Argentina 10/19/2023 1:00 p.m. 6 mins Beauty. From the Latin bellus, beautiful. (Al: schönheit, eng: beauty; it: bellezza; … Read more

Dancing in the subway, the new trend rising on TikTok

Straight from England and more particularly from London, this phenomenon has gone viral. So much so that similar sequences, filmed in the Paris metro, are multiplying on the platform. The London-Paris connection is working at full speed. And we’re not talking about the Eurostar, but rather a new TikTok phenomenon. Many videos have in fact … Read more

“Improbable”, “embarrassing”, “staged”… Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet, the disturbing romance

After a new appearance of the couple in the stands of the US Open, on Sunday September 10, Internet users pinned their romance, perceived by some as a masquerade. “Nooooo!” This cry from the heart flourished on social networks the day after Monday September 4. That evening, Beyoncé celebrated her 42nde birthday on stage, in … Read more

a popular news channel popular with young people

“How do you really find your way? Should we really reduce school holidays or restore the uniform at school? » Facing the camera, the youtubeur Hugo Travers, 26, lists in a short video the examples of questions he will ask Emmanuel Macron, Monday, September 4, during an interview on “the future of young people” broadcast … Read more

Jenna Ortega’s response to Johnny Depp romance rumors

The two actors are the subject of rumors that they have an affair, despite a significant age difference: she is 20 years old, he is 60. Would Jenna Ortega join the (long) list of women who won the heart of Johnny Depp? In any case, this is what the Anglo-Saxon Instagram account “DeuxMoi” – self-proclaimed … Read more