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8 movies to cry tonight

There is no one type of film that makes you cry more than another; in fact, the 8 films that we recommend below are not united by either genre, nationality or even the historical period. All films, even comedies, can make viewers cry, we think The great war of the …

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US elections, Americans also vote on referendums

Referendum on Abortion – The termination of pregnancy, after the overturning of the sentence of the Supreme Court, was one of the hot topics of this electoral round, on which the citizens of the states of California, Kentucky, Michigan, Montana, Vermont and Colorado were called to vote . In Michigan …

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Nicole Kidman today:

She loves exploring places where others don’t go, and not just as an actress. For some years now, Nicole Kidman she has a production company: she likes to grow small projects, sometimes she throws herself like a teenager, without knowing where they will take her. That sense of abandonment is …

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