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Kylie Jenner decides to remove her youngest son’s name

Kylie Jenner decides to change her youngest’s name: ‘it didn’t suit him’ (Reproduction/Instagram/@kyliejenner) Businesswoman Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott have decided to change the name of their second child. Kim Kardashian’s sister said that Wolf has nothing to do with the youngest, who was born in early February of …

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Understand Billie Eilish’s Tourette Syndrome

The singer-songwriter has the syndrome that includes involuntary movements among the symptoms American singer-songwriter Billie Eilish, 20, spoke in an interview with David Letterman for his Netflix series about living with Tourette Syndrome. The condition associated with neurological and mental health is a neurodevelopmental disorder that becomes evident in early …

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Remember Dwayne Johnson’s Greatest Films

The Rock plays the warrior Mathayus, hired to stop the rise of the evil ruler Memnon (Steven Brand). For this, he will have the help of the enemy tribes, who have banded together to overthrow Memnon, and the sorceress (Kelly Hu).The Tooth Fairy (2010)Derek Thompson (Dwayne Johnson) is a promising …

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