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Review: The Son – Cineuropa

08/09/2022 – VENICE 2022: Florian Zeller’s second feature film is an uncompromising statement about depression, generational trauma and parental responsibility towards their children Zen McGrath, Laura Dern and Hugh Jackman in The Son How do you approach a person you love and who suddenly behaves in an incomprehensible way? Florian …

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all about the plot and curiosity about the cast

By Olimpia Fumagalli // Show 09 September 2022, 17:50 Adj: 09 September 2022, 18:08 From its proclamation to senility, The crown shows the beauty and dark sides of the life of Elizabeth II, who survived many Prime Ministers, two world wars and great difficulties. The Crown is the TV series …

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The difficulty of being fathers with inadequate teenagers

Hugh Jackman in “The son”: “In the film and in life I am a fragile parent” Stories of fathers in awe, welcoming, perhaps inadequate, vulnerable, so good as to make their children feel cornered, stories of expectations and hardship, of failures and redemptions and stories of mothers who reject motherhood …

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