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Single mother | what you deserve

Single mother, what you deserve: guide to the municipal allowance and planned benefits (Wednesday 4 May 2022) In Italy, there is no specific legislation for single mothers in both the social and professional fields. Despite his being a disadvantaged situation, he receives the treatment of Mother like all the …

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Leonardo Cyber ​​& Security Academy

Leonardo Cyber ​​& Security Academy, what is it and what does it offer? (On Monday 2 May 2022) Made in Italy excellence on military and digital strategic security, Leonardo presents his Cyber & amp; Security Academy, a training program that allows you to qualify in the field of safety, …

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Valeria Solarino | when in doubt | naked

Valeria Solarino: when in doubt, naked | When you don’t know what to wear … (On Sunday 1 May 2022) Valeria Solarinoone of the most important actresses of the entire Italian scene, and hers doubt atrocious. Of What it comes and why it haunts her so much. Valeria Solarino, …

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