Taika Waititi Is Not Certain That Thor: Love and Thunder Will Follow Jason Aaron’s Run

Thor: Love and Thunder’s release in theaters is still two years away and at the moment the film is in a pre-productive phase, with Taika Waititi has already finished the script but, as the director directly reveals to Comingsoon.net, it could change during filming, putting every certainty aside.

Discussing precisely the many aspects of the script and dwelling especially in the incorporation of Jason Aaron ‘s run on Jane Foster’s cancer into the new chapter of Thor, Waititi explained that he loved the story of the American screenwriter very much and inserted it, without being sure that in the end, he manages to appear. And this because of his way of working. He explained:

There is nothing more fun than cancer [jokes]. Even now I don’t know if we’ll continue with that storyline, in the movie. Personally, I really love her a lot. The way it was developed at Marvel has made it constantly changing. At the moment we know we’ll definitely have Jane Foster, and that’s cool enough already. I particularly love the run on the battle against Jane’s disease and the way she chooses to fight against cancer or to become essentially a goddess. It’s very interesting, but it changes all the time. Between now and the time when we start shooting it will surely change. Just like happened with Thor: Ragnarok! It will even change during shooting. But yes, I love that storyline bike. ”

Thor: Ragnarok sees Chris Hemsworth in the cast and Natalie Portman, for a planned release in American theaters on November 5, 2021.

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