Taison was compared to Messi after Inter v Coritiba

Last Friday (24), Inter beat Coritiba, 3-0, in Beira-Rio, in a great performance by Taison. The shirt 7 seems to be lucky when he faces the team from Paraná, since one of the best performances of his career took place against the alviverde team. In the semifinal of the 2009 Copa do Brasil, the striker made a memorable game and ended up being compared to Lionel Messi.

The article, which marked the gaucho football folklore, was published by the late journalist, Wianey Carlet. In the headline, the columnist questioned readers with the iconic phrase: “Taison or Messi? The future will tell who was better.” On the occasion, the young Colorado scored one goal and participated in the other two in the 3-1 victory, which sent Inter to the final of the national tournament.

In his article, Wianey described the performance of Taison and made a parallel to the time that Messi lived in Europe. For the journalist, the shirt 7 colorado could compete for the award of best in the world in the future and be a competitor worthy of the Argentine. With that, the projection was 10 years to show who would be better between them.

Taison had a great match against Coritiba for the Brasileirão

More than 10 years have passed and despite having been far from any comparison to the Argentine ace, Taison returned to perform well against the white thigh team and opened the scoring in the great victory of Mano Menezes’ team. After a great move by Pedro Henrique, shirt 7 received a free mark and swelled the net of the alviverde team.

Taison resumed the good relationship with the fans, which has not been the best, due to the episode of the strike carried out by the club’s athletes. Despite the great performance, the striker who has been compared to Messi, is currently Alan Patrick’s reserve.

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