Taiwan demands Chinese regime to “face reality” and respect presidential election results

Taiwan demands that the Chinese regime “face reality” and respect the results of the presidential election. (Reuters/Wang An)

Taiwan requested on sunday China arrive”face the reality” and respect the results of elections won by pro-independence candidates Lai Qingdeof Democratic Progressive Party (PPD).

“he Ministry of Foreign Affairs Call the authorities Beijing Respect the election results, face reality, and stop repression Taiwan allow Positive interaction Get back on track (between the two parties),” he said in a statement.

this Taiwan voters Ignore calls from Chinese people not to vote Iwho won President election saturday and committed to defend the island “intimidation” Xi Jinpingreiterated its intention to reintegrate the island into its territory.

Icurrent president and vice president Tsai Ing-wen (in power since 2016) received 40.1% of the vote, according to the Electoral Commission Central Election Commission.he PPD He thus served a third consecutive term.

yes election all under the shadow of threats Chinathis communist forces in asia and Second world economy, considers the island part of its territory and insists on its intentions”reunification“The state can use force when necessary.

“We are determined to protect Taiwan continual intimidation and threats China“, explain Lai Qingde in his victory speech.

Taiwanese voters ignored China’s calls not to vote for Lai, who won the election promising to defend the island from Xi Jinping’s “intimidation.” (Reuters/Wang An)

His main opponent, Hou Yuyiof Kuomintang (Kuomintang), defend and BeijingAdmitting defeat and expressing respect for “the final decision of the Taiwanese people.”

Chinawho described before the election I A dangerous “separatist”, he said after the result that the vote “will not hinder the inevitable” Unite“From home.

he Chinese Army Friday pledged to “crush” any attempts at “independence” Taiwan180 kilometers away from the mainland.

Taiwan and Chinese mainland They have been de facto separated since 1949, when communist troops Mao Zedong They defeated the nationalist forces that had taken refuge on the island and imposed a dictatorship that became a state in the 1990s. democracy.

yes election all closely followed China As for USAmain military allies of Taiwanas the two major powers compete to expand their influence in this area strategic area of this planet.

U.S. diplomatic chief, Antony BlinkenCongratulations I already Taiwan Because of its “solid democratic system.” But the President of the United States, Joe Bidenreaffirming the traditional position washington and stated: “We do not support independent” island.

U.S. foreign affairs chief Antony Blinken congratulated Jimmy Lai and Taiwan’s “solid democratic system.” (Europa Press)

USA support Taiwanbut maintains full diplomatic relations with the following countries: Chinawhich needs to be broken Taipei The country with which it has established relations.

this European Union He congratulated “all voters” who participated in “this democratic exercise.”

IThe 64-year-old promised during the campaign to continue on the path to the presidency. Tsai Ing-wenhe governed for two terms (2016-2024), characterized by growing diplomatic pressure, Economy and army of Beijing.

“what you think China this is a problem China. “We are electing a president of our own country,” he declared. Cai Jinhuia 62-year-old taxi driver.

“One day the world will realize Taiwan as a independent sovereign state“He added.

at their gatherings, I Claiming to be a defender democratic way of life of Taiwan Since his party PPDthey have considered as independent country In fact.

sovereign status I and president Tsai be criticized be opposed to of Kuomintangwho accuse them of being annoying China.

Facing the transition of power between the two parties since the founding of the People’s Republic of China Taiwan Democracyhe People’s Party of Taiwan (PPT), is rendered as “third way” and his candidates, Ke Wenzhereceiving 26.4% of the votes.

Lai, 64, pledged during his campaign to continue the path of President Tsai Ing-wen, whose two terms (2016-2024) were characterized by increasing diplomatic, economic and military pressure from Beijing. (Reuters/Wang An)

In addition to electing the president, Taiwan They updated their parliament and in legislation officialdom Lost the majority.

this be opposed to of Kuomintang won 52 seats, officialdom 51 and Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Eight legislators, plus two independents.

The election seems to have sparked interest Chinese social network Weibowhere the label “election Taiwan” became one of the most popular topics before being blocked.

this island is the key world economyall for Strategic Position between South China Sea and Pacific Ocean As for his Leading Semiconductor Industryphones, cars or missiles.

Last few years, China increased military pressure about him territorythrow large scale exercise This sparked fears of invasion.

He also strengthened his diplomatic activities for Isolate Taiwancurrently only officially recognized by 13 countries, second only to Honduras anyone Nicaragua sever ties with Taipei build them Beijing.


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