Taiwan elects president amid growing threat from Chinese regime

Taiwan elects its president under the shadow of threats from the Chinese regime. (Reuters/Wang An)

Taiwanese begin voting on Saturday to elect a new president, who will face the challenge of maintaining Taiwan’s progress. democracy Facing the rise jaw menaceFinish autonomy of the island.

Ahead of vote, China urges Taiwanese to make “right decision” if they want to avoid war and describes the island’s most popular sitting vice president, Lai Qingde, like a dangerousseparatist“.

almost 18,000 polling stations all over this territory 23 million inhabitants These single-round elections begin at 8:00 a.m. local time and end at 4:00 p.m.

The results should be known by evening and we will be watching closely China and from USA, The island’s main weapons support and supplier.

“It’s a good thing that everyone can come and vote and exercise their rights as a citizen,” he told the news agency. AFP Eve, 27-year-old voter.

Three men aspire to be presidential successors Tsai Ing-wenwhose mission began in 2016, is characterized by a growing diplomatic pressureBeijing’s economy and military.

Except for Teacher Lai, Democratic Progressive Party (PDD) takes power, ex-cops are running Hou Yuyi of Kuomintang (Kuomintang) supports maintaining status quo with China, and Ke Wenzhelittle leader Taiwan People’s Party (PPT).

China has urged Taiwanese to make “right decisions” if they want to avoid war, describing Taiwan’s most popular current Vice President Lai Ching-te as a dangerous “separatist”. (Reuters/Wang An)

Taiwan and China The mainland has been effectively divided since 1949, when its communist armies Mao Zedong They defeated the nationalist forces that had taken refuge on the island and imposed a dictatorship, which they transformed into a democracy in the 1990s.

China has never stopped declaring its intentionsreunification“The country, if necessary, can use force. The same Friday, his army pledged to “crush” anyindependentComing from Taiwan, only 180 kilometers from the coast.

China will pay close attention to the results washington -The island’s main ally and weapons supplier.

The lively campaign ended on Friday with rallies for all three political parties Taipei Hundreds of thousands of people gathered.

After being elected president, I will continue to follow the path of democracy and peace.“, said Lai, whose People’s Democratic Party considers the island a de facto independent country.

his main rival Hou Yuyi The KMT denounced these sovereigntist positions by Tsai and Lai as contradictory to China and advocated closer ties with Beijing.

Faced with the two parties that have alternately been in power since Taiwan’s democracy, the small PPT appeared in the form of a “third way”.

The trio aspires to be the successors to President Tsai Ing-wen, who has come under increasing diplomatic, economic and military pressure from Beijing since taking office in 2016. (Europa Press)

In addition to choosing a president, Taiwanese must update their stance parliament.

strict electoral law Taiwanese authorities ban the publication of opinion polls ten days before an election and ban the media from asking voters which ballot they chose.

Analysts believe Lai, 64, will win the presidential election, but his party may lose its majority in the House of Representatives. 113 seats.

I hope the next administration will be like this administration.” said a 70-year-old retiree at the same polling station in New Taipei City where outgoing President Tsai Ing-wen will vote.

China has stepped up military pressure on Taiwan, holding regular large-scale drills and raising fears of an eventual invasion. (Reuters/Wang An)

islands are key world economyboth because of its strategic position between the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean, and because of its leading position Semiconductor industryan important component in the manufacture of phones, cars or missiles.

In recent years, China has increased military pressure Massive drills are regularly conducted over the territory, raising fears of an eventual invasion.

It has also stepped up its diplomatic campaign to isolate Taiwan, following efforts such as Honduras anyone Nicaragua Severed ties with Taipei and established diplomatic relations with Beijing instead.

Taiwan’s status is one of the thorniest issues in the competition between China and the United States for influence in the strategic region.

Washington urged Beijing not to interfere in the vote and to refrain from “further military pressure or coercive actions” after the results were announced.


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