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The tension remains very high in the Taiwan Strait, then cooled by the Beijing announcement: “Finished the maneuvers, now regular patrols”. Even today, however, about twenty Chinese and Taiwanese ships have continued to challenge each other, remaining on the so-called “midline”, not recognized by Beijing, but traditionally respected. Ignoring calls to lower the level of the fighting, the Chinese army had announced a cycle of artillery fire with live shells in the southern waters of the Yellow Sea, north of Taiwan, from 11 to 13 August. And – through the Taiwan Affairs Office – Beijing threatens: we want “peaceful reunification” with the island but “we do not undertake to give up the use of military force”. The Taiwanese reply is tightly woven: “Ten ships and 36 Chinese jets detected around the island. So it ignores the reality. Now let’s not let our guard down.” Meanwhile, China condemns the ‘Chips Act’ approved by the United States, calling it “another example of economic coercion”. And London summons Chinese ambassador.

Taiwan: “Ten ships and 36 Chinese jets detected around the island”

The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense has announced that a total of 10 ships and 36 Chinese military jets have been detected around the island up to 17 local (11 in Italy). As many as 17 fighter jets (nine SU-30s and eight J-11s), a note reads, flew over the eastern part of the midline of the Taiwan Strait, not recognized by Beijing, but traditionally respected. The ministry followed the usual protocol in the face of the ennessima raid by the People’s Liberation Army, “taking off its fighters, sending the radio alarm and activating its own missile defense system”.


Taipei: “Now let’s not let our guard down”

The Taipei Defense Ministry: “While the People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theater Command announces the end of their joint military operation and will carry out routine patrols, the Taiwan Armed Forces will adapt the way forces are deployed by considering various factors , morale of the troops and threats included, without letting our guard down “.

London convenes Chinese ambassador

The UK has summoned the Chinese ambassador to London, Zheng Zeguang, “for the aggressive escalation against Taiwan”.

China to USA: “Chips Act another example of economic coercion”

China condemns the ‘Chips Act’ passed by the United States, calling it “another example of economic coercion”. Speaking in the daily briefing, Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin accused the law “of aiming to strengthen the competitiveness of the US hi-tech and microchip industry” by providing “huge subsidies to the domestic microprocessor industry with supportive policies. differentiated industry “. In the crosshairs, “the restrictions on investments and economic and commercial activities of Chinese companies” with the end “of China-US cooperation” and the repercussions “on the global supply chain of microchips”.


Taiwan, Beijing: “Finished the maneuvers, now regular patrol”

The Command of the Eastern Theater of the Chinese Armed Forces has announced that it has successfully completed “joint military operations around the island of Taiwan”. It was read in a note, according to which the same Command added that “the troops will keep an eye on changes in the situation in the Taiwan Strait, will continue to carry out military training and preparations, will regularly organize combat readiness patrols and will resolutely defend the national sovereignty and territorial integrity “.


Taiwan rejects reunification proposal, China ignores reality

Taiwan defines a “vain desire” the contents of the white paper released by Beijing on peaceful intra-strait reunification following the model “one country, two systems” and on the promise not to renounce the use of force against independence forces. Taipei president Tsai Ing-wen said “China ignores the reality on both sides of the Taiwan Strait,” the state news agency CNA reported. The purpose of the Beijing initiative, according to Tsai, is “to address the very few Taiwanese political parties and people who fear China and are willing to compromise” in the wake of intimidation.

The president of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen & nbsp;

Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen (reuters)

China: “No tolerance for Taiwan independence”

China is willing to “create a large space for peaceful reunification” with Taiwan, but “will never leave any room for various forms of separatist activity for independence” and “does not promise to give up the use of force”. The Taiwan Affairs Office and the Central Government Information Office have published the white paper entitled “The Taiwan question and the reunification of China in the new era”, which reiterates “the fact and the status quo that Taiwan it is part of China “. To achieve peaceful reunification, “‘one country, two systems is the most inclusive solution to this problem”.

Beijing: “We want peaceful reunification but we won’t give up on military option”

China has reaffirmed its threat to use military force to bring Taiwan under its control. The statement released by the Taiwan Affairs Office states that Beijing seeks “peaceful reunification” with the island but “does not undertake to renounce the use of military force and retains all necessary options”.

Twenty ships compete on the midline

About twenty Chinese and Taiwanese ships remain on the midline of the Taiwan Strait. Many Chinese ships are continuing their exercises off the east coast of the island.

Taiwan: “Foxconn cancels investment in China”

Taiwanese national security authorities have asked Apple’s supplier Foxconn to cancel the planned $ 800 million investment in the Chinese chip-making group, Tsinghua Unigroup. The Financial Times writes it. The operation will not take place, said a Taipei government source quoted by the newspaper.

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