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from Diana Romersi and Rome editorial staff

Two injured and two stopped during the scuffles. The protest against the presence in the faculty of the deputy FdI Fabio Roscani and Daniele Capezzone

Clashes between police And students within the campus of the Wisdom. The police intervened during the protest of the movement Change course against the conference promoted by the right-wing organization University Action within the faculty of Political Sciences. They prevented us from hanging a banner at the entrance of the faculty for this reason they beat us, explain from Cambiare Rotta. According to what is learned from the students there are two boys arrested and several injured. The university students after the police charges organized a march towards the rectorate.

The protest of the students began this morning with a sit-in organized by Cambiare Rotta, opposed to the presence within the faculty of Political Sciences of the right-wing University Action organization and in particular to the presence of an exponent of the center-right, Fabio Roscanipresident of Giovent Nazionale since 2017, now elected deputy in the ranks of the Brothers of Italy, and of the journalist Daniele Capezzone. We leave no room for political catwalks of parliamentarians and fascist student associations, the position of the Cambiare Rotta movement. The university students tried to approach the entrance to the faculty to hang a banner but were blocked by the police. They injured some boys, say the students who took part in the demonstration. In a video that is making the rounds of student chats, a student can be seen blocked and handcuffed by a plainclothes agent. The young man was then taken to the premises of the university faculty while the choir outside the university fascists rose from the crowd of students.

La Sapienza released a note in which it stated that the student association University Action organized a duly authorized conference, as happens every day by many other student associations, with the participation of teachers and some politicians and journalists. Given the particular vehemence of the protests of a group of people intending to enter the classroom to interrupt the conference, the Director of the service prepared by the Rome Police Headquarters, who is responsible for the protection of public order, has decided to intervene to guarantee collective security . The rector Antonella Polimeni he highlighted: The university must be a place where we study, where we grow, where we need to meet and confront each other, but not physically clash. We condemn all forms of violence and guarantee, to every individual who acts according to the Constitutional Principles, the right to freely express their opinions while respecting the plurality of ideas.

Fabio Conest, general secretary of the autonomous police trade union movement (Mosap) specified: Someone did not take long to exploit the work of the police to speak of violent beatings on students, offering public opinion a totally distorted version of what happened. The truth is that over a hundred demonstrators violently lashed out at a few plainclothes colleagues, requiring the intervention of the Mobile Department.

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October 25, 2022 (change October 25, 2022 | 16:41)

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