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American pharmaceutical multinational Johnson & Johnson will stop producing and selling its talc worldwide starting in 2023. The announcement comes more than two years after the stop of sales in the United States. Since 2014, the company has faced tens of thousands of lawsuits in America from consumers claiming they contracted cancer after using talc-based products for extended periods. Consumers accuse the group of hiding and minimizing cancer risks and are demanding compensation. And it also came to the pronouncements of the US Supreme Court.

The causes in the United States

In 2017, as the Washington Post, a Los Angeles jury had ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $ 417 million in compensation to Eva Echeverria, who claimed that her terminal ovarian cancer was linked to the use of talcum powder. In 2020, the Missouri Supreme Court upheld an appeals court ruling that required the company to pay $ 2.1 billion to a group of women who claimed they contracted ovarian cancer after using its products. based on talc. The amount was reduced after some of those who had sued the company were excluded from the case. Johnson & Johnson appealed this decision, but the US Supreme Court rejected it in June 2021.

A new talcum powder based on corn starch

The company continues to reiterate that decades of independent research prove the safety of its product. But now he has decided to withdraw it all over the world. As part of a global portfolio assessment, we have made the commercial decision to switch to an entirely corn starch-based talcum powder, a statement read. The group added that this product is already sold in countries around the world. We continue to evaluate and optimize our portfolio to be better positioned for long-term growth. This transition will help streamline our product offering, explains Johnson & Johnson.

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