Tapered square: here’s why you should succumb to this back-to-school trend

In the family of essential cuts, we ask the square ! This short cut resists time and fashion. His secret? Its ability to always to renew to be at the forefront of the trend. Whether you decide to adopt it in its short version, to play it classic elegant, or long, to wear all the hairstyles of the moment with style, it will always be a safe bet in terms of hair. But sometimes, a little modernity doesn’t hurt and for that, nothing better than the tapered bob.

With its somewhat unstructured, it is often confused with its cousin, the gradient square. However, the tapered bob has many advantages up its sleeve! No wonder this “bob” is already on the minds of many fashion and beauty influencers, who are multiplying Instagram publications with this trendy cut.

⋙ PHOTOS – Jennifer Aniston, Natalie Portman, Charlotte Gainsbourg… The most beautiful tapered bobs of the stars

Tapered square: what is it?

According to the hair reference site Schwartzkopf, it is important to compare the gradient square and the tapered square to best define the latter. So, the experts Schwartzkopf explain “that a layered bob consists of forming shorter strands in certain places in order to give shape to the hair. Taper a square will come give relief and of the material to hairdressing. It is therefore a final touch appreciated by hairdressers since it allows you to personalize a cut and adapt it to your hair type. To obtain a tapered bob cut, the hairdresser will have to thin out the ends using pinked scissors“.

Tapered square: for whom?

As with the gradient, plunging or even asymmetrical square, the tapered square deserves a few adjustments to be best worn by the greatest number of people.

Blonde, brunette, redhead: who can wear the tapered bob?

May our hair be blond, brown Or redhead, the tapered square will always be possible. To enhance it, we can think of focusing on a sweep and thus bring more light to our square.

Indeed, the tapered bob is, in essence, a way of obtaining relief in our mane thanks to its unstructured effect. By focusing on balayage, we can play even more on this dimensional side and bring a real plus to our hairstyle. If you are blonde, golden sweeps Or Californians will be perfect. For red hair, nothing better than a honey sweep to bring out the copper highlights of the hair. Finally, if we are brown, the caramel balayage will allow a superb play of shadows in our locks.

Curls, waves or straight: which hair can adopt the tapered bob?

The tapered square has the principle oflighten our mane. So, that we have the curly hair, wavy Or smooth : this is very unimportant. Ultimately, it is the fact of having thick or fine hair that must be taken into account before taking the plunge and definitively adopting this bob.

Yes, the tapered bob is the perfect cut for thick hair ! Thinning our bob will give lightness to our mane and make our lengths more flexible, all without losing the sublime volume of our hair.

If our hair is fineit is also possible to wear this cut, but we will taper only the tipsto help restore volume to our cut, discreetly.

Tapered square: can we wear it at any age?

The advantage of the square is that it can be worn at any time of our life. Whether we are a little girl, a teenager or an adult, there will always be a square to accompany us.

Tapered, the square allows create relief to our hair. It can therefore very well suit a young woman who wants to sport a trendy bob. But it will be even more appreciated after the age of fifty.

Indeed, after 50 years, hair is less dense and will tend to be flat. By choosing the square with a beautiful taper, we revitalize the hair and give it a new texture. Enough to give him a second youth.

Tapered square: how to get it?

Although the cutting technique is the same, obtaining a tapered bob adjusts according to our current length, but also our desires.

On short square or long square?

In hairdressing, there is no golden rule: we must simply respond to our desires. However, some hairstyles will be more flattering than others.

If our square is short, or even ultra-short, tapering the lengths will bring even more depth to our cut. We play the dimensional side to the fullest and lighten our hair while enhancing hair volume. Ideal for an ultra-modern look.

If it’s the long square that catches our attention and our hair is thick: nothing better than a tapered mid-length cut or a plunging tapered bob. By focusing on this type of hairstyle, we take all the benefits of thinning and highlight the expected dimensional effect.

With or without bangs?

Fringein addition to being ultra-trendy, remains the best way to spice up our cut and elegantly dress our face.

If we have the thin hair, combining bangs with a tapered bob will be the best recipe we can have. We will gain immeasurably in volume.

If our hair is thick, bangs will also be an option. We will prefer the tapered fringe version for a perfect balance with our lengths.

Tapered square: how to maintain it?

The tapered bob is one of the cuts most easy to maintain. As the hairstyle reference site explains, Schwartzkopf“no need to take care of it or return to the hairdresser every month. Regrowth is in no way restrictive and the hair maintains its suppleness in the long term.”

There are still some tips to know when switching to the tapered bob, particularly with regard to the hairdressing utensils. Schwartzkopf recommends abandoning hair dryers or straightening irons which “damage our lengths”. According to these experts, “our hair sets naturally once it is air-dried.” In other words: we no longer mistreat our hair with excess heat and we think about keeping it in good health using a moisturizing treatment (which we apply especially to our ends), so that it keeps all their beauty.

They also recommend wearing this bob with a wavy for more “dynamic” in our hair. Obviously, for pretty waves, no need for heating tools: simple braids done on damp hair before going to sleep is enough to get wavy, surfer-style hair when you wake up, worthy of the biggest stars.

⋙ PHOTOS – Jennifer Aniston, Natalie Portman, Charlotte Gainsbourg… The most beautiful tapered bobs of the stars

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