Tatlıpınar Energy (TATEN) IPO Details Author Public Offering

Tatlıpınar Energy (TATEN) public offering in which banks, how many lots?

Tatlipinar Energy’s public offering was one of the developments that was eagerly awaited by investors. This week is being watched with keen interest as to whether the public offering process has begun and whether the share price has been set.

Tatlipinar Energy (TATEN) Public Offering Dates

The dates for Tatlipinar Energy’s public offering have now been finalized. The public offering event will be held on August 10-11, 2023. During these two days traders will get an opportunity to collect the books.

Tatlıpınar Energy (TATEN) share price and distribution

TATEN’s public offering price was announced as 22.50 TL. Each stock will be opened to investors at this price.

The distribution of shares in the Public Offering was planned as follows:

  • 70% to domestic individual investors
  • Domestic Institutional Investors 14.5%
  • Foreign Institutional Investors 14.5%
  • 1% to company employees

Tatlipinar Energy (TATEN) IPO Details

The free float ratio of the company will be 25.03%.

The public offering of “Vakif Yatirim Menkul Degerler A.S.” and “Info Yatirim Menkul Degerler A.S.” Will be done collaboratively. Many people are able to participate.

After the public offering, the company will increase its current capital to 35.100.000 TL and increase its total capital to 280.500.000 TL.

Tatlıpınar Energy (TATEN​) Public Offering Amount and Distribution

A total of 22,750,000 lots of Shares will be distributed during the Public Offering process. Distribution will be as follows:

  • Capital Increase: 35,100,000 lots
  • Combined Sales: 21,060,000 lots
  • Combined Sales: 7,020,000 lots
  • Combined Sales: 7,020,000 lots

In addition, the possible distribution of shares is planned depending on the volume of distribution of shares:

  • 500 thousand participation ~ 99 lots (2228 TL)
  • 1 million participation ~ 50 lots (1105 TL)
  • 1.2 million participation ~ 41 lots (922 TL)
  • 1.4 million participation ~ 35 lots (787 TL)
  • 1.6 million participation ~ 30 lots (675 TL)
  • 1.8 million participation ~ 27 lots (607 TL)
  • 2 million participation ~ 25 lots (562 TL)

Declaration of results and commencement of the process

The results of Tatlipinar Energy’s public offering will be announced by the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) within a maximum of 2 business days following the completion of the book-building process. Tatlipinar Energy’s shares will start trading on the Yıldız Market after the dates determined by the Capital Markets Board (CMB).

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