Tauron Wydobycie has liquefied almost all coal reserves

Tauron Mining completed the construction of a flagship investment, i.e. the level of 800 meters at ZG Janina, and systematically launched new mining walls in each of the mines, the company also increased sale liquefying almost all of them coal stocks – the Barbecue summary of the year in the mines of the mining segment of the Tauron group is underway, this time only in a symbolic formula “- it was written on Friday.

It was specified that, for preventive reasons, the company will not be held this year Barbara’s Academy, and the celebration will be limited to an internal meeting for employeeswho received state and industry decorations. This event is to take place in a space and in a formula that ensures maintaining safe distances, and all participants are to be asked to present at the entrance a document confirming vaccination.

“Thanks to increased security measures miners from the plants in Jaworzno, Libiąż and Brzeszcze, they have so far been able to work effectively despite the pandemic situation. We are committed to further minimizing the risk of spread coronavirustherefore, this year’s Christmas celebrations in the company will be symbolic. Miners’ safety we always put it first “- emphasized Jacek Pytel, the president of Tauron Wydobycie, quoted in the information.

The Friday summary recalled, among others previous information on the launch of new mining fronts. “In the following months of this year, Tauron Wydobycie successively launched new mining walls and there are currently seven of them, hence this year’s coal production in the Company’s mining plants will be higher by over 500,000 tonnes compared to 2020.” – earlier announcements were confirmed.

“At a time of continued high demand for coal fuels the company secures supplies to the power plants and heat and power plants of the Tauron Group as a priority and plans to achieve this year’s production at a level exceeding 5 million tons of raw material, according to the assumptions, said Roman Gąska, vice president of Tauron Wydobycie.

On Friday, the company’s desire to systematically reduce the base of fixed costs was confirmed in order to adjust them to real production levels, resulting from the technical capabilities of mining plants and the forecasted demand for coal energetic. It was assured that thanks to maintaining cost discipline and implemented corrective actions, the company stabilized its results and “responds to a greater extent to meeting the demand for fuel from the Tauron group”.

“The production of commercial coal increased in three of the company’s mines, and the employment was reduced by over 190 jobs compared to the previous year” – he mentioned. It was indicated that Tauron Wydobycie also recorded a much greater demand for products, compared to previous years, for both large business entities and individual customers.

Last year, mines Tauron groups produced 4.54 million tons of coal (3.78 million tons in the previous year), and sales of this raw material amounted to 4.08 million tons. In 2020, 56 percent. Tauron satisfied coal supplies for the production of electricity and heat with coal from its own mines; after three quarters of this year, the ratio is 58 percent. The Tauron Group’s upstream segment EBITDA after three quarters of this year. remains negative.

Tauron Wydobycie brings together the following mines: Sobieski, Janina and Brzeszcze, which will become a combined mine next year.

Currently, there are three longwall working in Sobieski, incl. a new mining front in the Brzezinka party, where the so-called operative coal resources amount to approx. 12 million tons. In the Janina and Brzeszcze mines in September this year. two new longwalls were launched, the total potential of daily coal extraction was in the order of 10,000 tone. In total, there are currently seven production fronts at the company’s plants.

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