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A new appointment is back with the column “The grenade shock”, edited by Michelangelo Suigo

We had praised Juric’s good game even after the undeserved defeat at San Siro with Inter. But the bad performance against Sassuolo, in what was supposed to be an opportunity for the grenade, made us plunge back into a phase full of worries. Alvarez’s goal in the 93rd minute made clear again what is probably Toro’s greatest limitation in recent years. With this goal, those suffered by the grenade after the 80 ‘from the 19/20 season have risen to 44. The points lost in Juric management have risen to 13 in 45 league games. In the first seven matches of this championship there are already six goals conceded at the end. A statistic to say the least merciless. It is now evident how, with a game like that of the Croatian coach in which the mental aspect is fundamental, every little distraction is paid dearly. Problem that occurs at the end of the match, when clearly the physical and nervous energies of Juric’s boys fail. The race with the neroverdi saw too many elements decidedly subdued, even if it is worth remembering the absences of Ricci, Vojvoda and Rodriguez (the latter two weighed heavily on the left-hand chain). Opposite, the Toro had a Sassuolo that was anything but overwhelming, yet the other problem of the grenade was reviewed: the enormous construction difficulty. Juric surprised everyone by not deploying a first point striker and fielding Seck in a false nueve position. But the Senegalese showed all his (enormous) limits in front of goal, despite some good ideas. It suggests that the coach’s comments on Sanabria had been positive up to now, regardless of the ability to throw it in, because “it makes us play well, opens up spaces and knows how to let those who go to support enter“. But the Paraguayan striker only entered in the 58th minute, together with Pellegri (the two strikers had never been seen together). These choices have made many observers turn up their noses. Also because the only six goals scored, in seven games, are really too few, and it is necessary to urgently improve the attacking phase. Up to now the best striker has been the Croatian Vlasic (three goals), who played fairly well against Sassuolo but was not as dangerous as usual. Croatia has now been called up for the national team, unlike Brekalo, obviously ill advised in having wanted to leave Taurus. Unfortunately, coming to the defensive phase, the double mistake in full recovery (Singo who does not go to counter the cross and Buongiorno too far from Alvarez) weighed like a boulder, and a draw by now almost guaranteed has turned into the most burning of defeats. Now the Serie A break for national team commitments could come at the most opportune moment (friendly matches and Nations League challenges on the calendar), even if twelve players are busy (Linetty, Vlasic, Singo, Aina, Lukic, Vanja, Radonjic, Pellegri, Rodriguez, Seck, Zima and Berisha). However, we hope that it can be the harbinger of a bath of humility and that it can allow time to recharge the batteries, because the next one, at the Maradona Stadium in the presence of leaders Naples, fresh from the victory (albeit fortunate) in the home of the Italian champions of Milan, it will be anything but a walk. The time has come for the Grenade Shock. Come on Old Heart Grenade!

Manager, Luiss teacher, communication and Public Affairs expert, freelance journalist with a grenade heart. Michelangelo Suigo is an author who for those accustomed to the world of communication, especially if linked to entrepreneurship, needs no introduction. Anyone wishing to deepen his vast curriculum can do so on the Inwit website, a company of which he currently holds the role of EVP External Relations, Communication & Sustainability Director. But above all, as far as this column is concerned, Michelangelo is a proud and genuine grenade fan.

Disclaimer: the commentators hosted by Toro News express their thoughts regardless of the editorial line followed by the editorial staff of the online newspaper, which has always made pluralism and the free sharing of opinions its distinctive trait.

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