Tax delegation, in the Senate the tax reform is skipped

While the Dl Aid bis is definitively approved in the Senate, still Palazzo Madama the fiscal delegation sinks without appeal, throwing away two years of work from the Draghi government. The resigning Prime Minister had tried to the last to save the tax reform by asking the parties to find an agreement: “There was an agreement with all the political forces, at the beginning of August, which would have been voted on 7 September. And the government undertook not to pull out, not to write, the delegated decrees until the date of the elections, ”said Draghi a few days ago in the last press conference.

Tax delegation sunk in the Senate: Draghi’s appeal

“The government has kept its word, of all the political forces one has not kept its word and has not voted for it now” was the not so veiled thrust by Draghi against the League that said “no” to the reform.

“So the first reflection is that we have all tried to do everything possible to keep our word and keep the promises we made to Italians in dealing with the pandemic, in implementing the PNRR, in supporting the economy and families – the resigning premier had again claimed – Not keeping your word is not the method of this government, so it is better to be clear on this: there is a big difference between those who keep it and those who don’t ”. Although not binding, the tax reform was also foreseen in the Pnrr.

“Today, however, I spoke with the President of the Senate Casellati, who told me that she will hold the meeting of the group leaders next week to see if it can be scheduled in the Senate” Draghi concluded in a conference when asked about the tax delegation “so, perhaps, there is still a thread of hope. If an agreement is not reached, because there is a political force that is opposed, we go to the Chamber – if the group leaders agree – and vote on the scheduling of the fiscal delegation: this is the situation ”.

Tax delegation sunk in the Senate: what happened

In fact, at the end of the group leader of Palazzo Madama gathered today, the agreement was not reached. Circumstance that it also blew up the ddl on equitable remuneration and on life imprisonment, which would always have been linked to the tax reform by a series of crossed vetoes by the parliamentary groups: without the green light to all three proposals, the respective laws have been wrecked.

In June the bill passed the examination of the Chamber, but now the plant remains without implementing decrees.

According to the dictates of the bill, the government was in fact delegated to adopt, within 18 months from the date of entry into force of the law, one or more legislative decrees for the revision of the tax system, first of all establishing general principles and guidelines to which the same revision

The tax delegation should have contained the IRPEF reform, the definitive cancellation of the IRAP, the revision of the IRES, the introduction of the fiscal cashback, which we talked about here, with the possibility of receiving the refund on the spot via the app. , and above all the revision of the land registry that was to map the buildings, so opposed by the center-right (here when the government had risked the crisis due to the land registry reform).

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