Tax evasion, Fracassi (CGIL): “The Mef publish the report or the minister explain”. Undersecretary Guerra: “She has always been attached to Nadef for reasons of transparency”

One week from the council of ministers that launched the Update note to Defremains a ghost there 2022 report on tax and social security evasion. The document has been ready for some time and is quoted in the Nadef itself, but it has not yet been published on the Treasury website. “In a country with this level of evasion and where there is the problem of finding resources in order to respond to the crisis it is not possible for this commitment of reporting and transparency to fail ”, says now al Gianna FracassiDeputy Secretary General of the CGIL, who already on Tuesday together with CISL and UIL asked for clarification. “If the Mef does not publish it, who has it responsibility politics of that department must at least explain why “. The minister is silent, but the undersecretary Maria Cecilia Guerra (Article one, fresh from re-election to the Chamber in the democratic and progressive Pd-Italia list) says: “I see no reason for which the Report on tax evasion should not be published. It has an important informative and cognitive value and is therefore curated by an independent commission. It has always been attached to Nadef for obvious reasons for transparency“.

The group leader of Liberi Uguali Verdi and newly elected to the House with the Green-Left alliance also wrote to the ministry to solicit publication. Marco Grimaldiasking if behind the delay there is “only one forgetfulness” or “one reticence against any findings that have emerged or suggested measures that may not coincide with the current guidelines majority“. This is because in the Report, as Fracassi recalls, new assessments are expected on the effectiveness of measures such as electronic invoicing and “the start ofinteroperability of the databases thanks to the decree passed in the summer that overcomes the problems of privacy “. The intersection of databases, however, is smoke and mirrors for the center-right, which argues that these are Orwellian measures. Not only that: as written by Everyday occurrence Tuesday, the 2022 edition contains among other things the first assessments on the impact of flat tax at 15% for VAT numbers with income up to 65 thousand EUR introduced by the yellow-green government at the request of the League. A measure whose potential effect of incentive to hide revenue above the threshold was feared from the outset by the experts. It is likely that the results of the ex post analysis may not coincide with the orientations of the next government, which aims to extend the flat tax to the self-employed with incomes up to 100 thousand euros and a flat “incremental” tax, that is, only on the increase in income compared to that of the previous year, which would also apply to employees.

The new data on figures recovered thanks to the improvement of the compliance fiscal: “The funds of the NRR also depend on this”, recalls Fracassi. In the Plan, in fact, Italy promised to recover 12 billion by 2024, reducing the tax gap by 15% compared to 2019. A decidedly ambitious goal. Also because in the meantime various ad hoc proposals from the Finance Department of the Mef have fallen on deaf ears: to allow the Treasury to collect information via the web (data scraping, as in France), to introduce instant extractions of the receipt lotterytransform communications “change direction”Which should incentivize spontaneous fulfillment in securities immediately eligible for collection of the amounts paid. The government Dragons it limited itself to extending electronic invoicing to VAT numbers on a flat-rate basis and triggering mild ones fines for merchants who do not accept the ATM.

The higher structural revenues, according to the law, must be allocated to “interventions in the field of tax reform”. The next executive will decide how to use them. The flat tax proposals of which are returned to the sender by the union: “They have nothing to do with the needs of the country, which needs more equity”, concludes Fracassi. “We need to review bad choices like the first mini-reform Irpef di Draghi, which has benefited above all middle-to-high incomes, to extend the tax base and increase the progressivity envisaged by the Constitution ”.

In addition, it is hoped, we need “a reduction in the tax and contribution burden through the taxation of social security contributions, to make payrolls heavier. The mini tax reduction of 2% needs to be strengthened. Resources? Give it extra profits and from a serious one reorganization of existing incentives. And, if necessary, also by a solidarity contribution paid by those who have more ”. Red light, however, with respect to the new “fiscal peace” envisaged in the center-right programs: “The amnesties are deeply unfair for those who have always paid taxes “. In addition to being a boomerang for a country that is committed to reducing the tendency to escape.

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