Taxes, debts, negative GDP: thus 11 years of Pd government have reduced Italy

From 2011 to 2021, without prejudice to the parenthesis of the yellow-green government, the left was uninterrupted in government, also putting the flag on the technical governments, three, which have followed one another in 11 years with little success. In the last two decades, Italy has had seven governments, which means that each government lasted on average a year and a half, marking a profound instability in the country. Ten out of eleven years have been characterized by left-wing governmentstherefore, at the dawn of a new electoral round, it is not wrong to take stock of what the governments of the red hemisphere have done in Italy.

Collapse of GDP

These eleven years, in which the Democratic Party has almost always been the fulcrum of government action, even without having the votes, have certainly not led to positive results.“, has explained Silvio Berlusconi in an interview granted to the newspaper Free. Words that, net of the claims of the left, are reflected in the numbers, even considering the year of the pandemic, which however represented an economic and social shock on a world level, not a local one. One of the most significant indicators is undoubtedly the GDP and here, the balance of the left can only be strongly negative. From 2011 to 2021, Italy has even suffered a decline of 1.4%, as he points out the weather. Of course, the collapse of 2020 weighs heavily, when Italy even registered -8.9%, but just as the pandemic hit Italy, it also hit all other European countries. Only that “the others” reacted better than us. Germany plays a league apart considering its economic fabric and, in fact, has had global growth of 12.9% but Spain, which has always been the country on which the Italian comparison is made, has nevertheless had an increase of 5.1%.

Debts and taxes

Bad news also comes from public debt, which in relation to 2021 represents 150% of GDP while in 2011 it was 119%. Italy is the country where public debt has grown the most over the last 11 years. Also in Spain there was an increase, but limited compared to our country and in the order of 118.4% compared to 69.9% in 2011. Also in this case, Germany cannot be a yardstick, given that the Germany reduced it by up to 65% compared to 79.8% in 2011. Sure, theinflation until 2021 it has grown at a moderate pace until this year but in the meantime, in Italy, i wages they were in free fall, the only country in Europe to register a decline in this sense. And continuing to make the comparison with Spain, wages here have increased by 6%. This means that the inflation rate perceived by Italians was significantly higher than the real one. The tax burden also weighs on this aspect, given that in 2011 the tax burden was at 41.3% and ten years later it rose to 43.5%.


It is clear that the “Pd cure” has pushed Italy onto an intensive care bed to the detriment of the Italians. Not to mention the theme of irregular migrants, which even as a result of the “Arab Spring” have increased exponentially. But it would be a mistake not to consider internal factors in this sense, because in the face of an increase in departures, Italy has not adopted, except during the presence of Matteo Salvini at the Viminale, any measures to combat immigration. And the increase makes an impression, no matter what the left-wing do-gooders say about it, who deny the migrant emergency and speak of “normality” in the face of management chaos. As Il Tempo reports, in fact, from 2010 to 2011 214,975 migrants landed in Italy. In the following 11 years, the number quadrupled, with 819,330 migrants. Numbers that should make us reflect on the goodness of border management by the Italian left.

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