Taylor Swift and Host Ina Garten Share More Than Just a Cute Friendship

Taylor Swift and TV host Ina Garten share more than just a cute friendship and a taste for cooking. Do you want to know what it is?

United States.- The singer Taylor Swift and the host Ina Garten, met a few years ago to make the July and August edition of Food Network magazine in 2014, where they cooked and exchanged some anecdotes. After the two celebrities shared a taste for cooking, they realized they had something else in common.

She was the interpreter of “Willow”, who traveled to the Hamptons with her mother Andrea and her brother Austin, where they had a more than a good time because upon arrival, they were greeted with hot date bread and coffee, while Garten and Swift got down to business. the play to prepare a delicious grilled fish with mustard, plus a Pavlova dessert recipe.

Over the course of the trip, Taylor Swift and Ian Garten had a chance to chat and talk about how they both resent that people didn’t want to eat. “I’ll cook for these guys and they’ll say, ‘I’m on a diet,'” Taylor Swift said in the magazine. “I’m like, ‘I can’t hang out with you.” 

For his part, Garten agreed with the singer’s opinion and told an anecdote of a time when he invited a person to dinner and he was indisposed, an action that caused him a deep disgust. However, the guest took whiskey sour to lighten the bad memories.

The drink caused them to quickly move on to ‘happy hour’, after the young artist said, “Oh, I’ve never had a whiskey sour.” However, that was no problem for the ‘Barefoot Contessa’, who immediately remedied that situation by removing the bottle from the refrigerator. In turn, Taylor invited the rest of his family to drink with them.

It is worth mentioning that Ian Garten is a fan of the blonde’s music, as demonstrated in an interview last year with Katie Couric, in which the cook had nothing but beautiful things to say about the album “Folklore” by the American. ( Taylor Swift is removed from the iconic Nashville country mural .)

In the margin of the interview, the guests had the opportunity to ask Garten some questions and it was there that one of the fans asked if he had already heard the most recent album, at that time, by Taylor Swift, to which she replied: ” Isn’t that amazing? She’s so, so smart and the extraordinary thing about her is that she takes her own advice. ” 

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