Taylor Swift announces release of re-recording of song ‘This Love’ – 05/05/2022

05/05/2022 | 17:25

The singer Taylor Swift announced the release of the track This Love (Taylor’s Version) for the dawn of this Friday, the 6th. The Summer That Changed My Life, by Amazon Prime Video.

To announce the news, the artist made a post on Instagram and wrote: “Thank you Jenny Han for debuting my version of This Love in the trailer for The Summer That Changed My Life. I’ve always been very proud of this song and I’m very excited about it. this twist – This Love (Taylors Version) comes out tonight at midnight”.

The film is scheduled to hit the streaming platform’s catalog on June 17 and is an adaptation of the book by writer Jenny Han, which tells the story of a love triangle between a girl and two brothers.

This is the second song from the 1989 album covered by Taylor. The first was Wildest Dreams, released in September 2021 for the soundtrack to the movie Spirit: The Indomitable.

It is worth remembering that the singer has the project to re-record her first six albums, with the aim of recovering the rights to the songs themselves, which were bought by businessman Scooter Braun. She has re-recorded Fearless and Red albums.


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