Taylor Swift at the center of an unprecedented literary course for curious students

die-hard fans of Taylor Swift now have a new opportunity to explore in depth the universe of their idol. A university in Belgium has decided to offer a course specially dedicated to the famous American singer. Elly McCausland, a professor of literature and an avid “Swiftie” (a term for Taylor Swift fans), had the innovative idea of ​​integrating a course on Taylor Swift into the master’s program in language and literature at the University of Ghent.

Under the evocative name of ” Literature: Taylor’s Version“, the course will not be compulsory, but it is already attracting a lot of interest. Elly McCausland’s pedagogical approach aims to compare the texts of Taylor Swift with those of classical authors. Through this analysis, she seeks to explore the underlying themes that run through the singer’s repertoire.

Among the themes that will be studied, feminism and the image of the antihero will play a central role. The course aims to highlight the literary references present in the songs of Taylor Swift and to understand why some people identify with certain songs in particular. However, the primary objective of this course remains literary exploration and critical reflection around the work of Taylor Swift.

Ms. McCausland, while passionate about the artist, is determined to maintain an academic and analytical approach. She insists that this course is not about building a fan club, but about giving students the opportunity to delve into Taylor Swift’s literary world while developing their critical thinking.

The enthusiasm for this course was not long in coming. As soon as she was announced, Elly McCausland received many enthusiastic emails from students wishing to register. Even outside the academic circle, people are showing interest in this innovative initiative that combines literature and pop culture. The passion for Taylor Swift thus invites itself into the classroom, offering fans a unique opportunity to decipher the messages hidden behind the lyrics of their favorite songs while enriching their literary understanding.

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