Taylor Swift gave David Harbor’s daughter-in-law an adorable gift at a concert

SURPRISE – A favor that the actor had the greatest difficulty in obtaining

David Harbor is always at attention when it comes to pleasing his two stepdaughters. However, it is not always easy to please Ethel, 11, and Marnie, 10, whose mother is none other than singer Lily Allen, as they enter what is usually called the age ungrateful. But it was without counting on the determination of the actor of Stranger Things who didn’t hesitate to take one of the two pre-teens to a Taylor Swift concert while obtaining a personal favor from the star.

“You know, in principle, being an actor loved by everyone for his role in Stranger Things lets you call Madison Square Garden and get front row tickets to see the Knicks play,” David Harbor joked to Josh Horowitz for his podcast. Happy, Sad, Confusedbefore hinting that it was a different story when it came to going to see the interpreter of shake it off.


As Taylor Swift had been made aware, David Harbor hoped that his daughter-in-law – he did not specify which – would have the opportunity to say hello to him, without being sure of anything. Unfortunately, the pop star had to fly right after the concert and didn’t have time to meet them. But to be forgiven, she had prepared an adorable little(…) Read more at 20minutes

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