Taylor Swift is ‘secretly dating’ Travis Kelce, website says

In July, during “The Eras Tour” in Kansas City, the player unsuccessfully tried to give the singer his phone number.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is ‘secretly dating’ Travis Kelce, website says

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almost 2 months later travis kelsey Please give me your phone number. Taylor Swiftthe source of messenger The Kansas City Chiefs player revealed that he finally managed to take the singer out on a date.

Sources say the stars are spending time together.“Taylor and Travis are quietly dating”said the official. “She met him when she was in New York a few weeks ago.” he said.

In July, Kelce opened up about her unsuccessful attempts to meet Swift when she died. “The Elas Tour” Located in Kansas City, Missouri.in a podcast interview “New heights”the player explained that he intended to include his phone number on a friendship bracelet worn by the star’s fans and deliver it to the singer.

  • Athlete talks about failed attempt to date Taylor Swift: ‘I was upset’

I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t give her the bracelet I made for her. ”

“She didn’t want to see anyone, or at least she didn’t want to see me.”He said. “So I took it personally, but it was a great show.”

The website has contacted representatives of the singer and the athlete, but so far no comment has been received regarding this matter.

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