Taylor Swift Removed From Iconic Nashville Country Mural

Unexpectedly, singer Taylor Swift is removed from Nashville’s iconic country music mural and replaced by another singer.

United States.- This past weekend there was great controversy on social networks, as Taylor Swift fans were talking about the hand-painted mural at the Legends Corner Bar in Nashville, where the most important ones have been captured. country legends past, present, and future, from which the young singer was eliminated.

In the iconic painting, there are emblematic figures of country music such as Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash, Taylor being one of the youngest embodied there, however, the mural had a radical change that outraged many Internet users, as it was replaced last week by Brad Paisley.

This change caused much annoyance to the fans of the singer, whose fandom has been baptized for years as “Swifties”, even in social networks such as Twitter they made the “Young Taylor ran country” trend, remembering those years in which this genre took great relevance among young people thanks to her.

And after a difficult disappointment from his fans, the reason for the decision to remove Tay from the iconic mural has been revealed. It was mural artist Tim Davis who spoke about the change and revealed that it was all due to his musical genre change, not because of Scooter Braun’s ghoulish schemes as rumored on the internet.

Taylor Swift removed from iconic Nashville country mural

The artist explained to USA Today that: “I’ve heard a lot of complaints here in Nashville about Taylor [Swift] being on the wall with country legends, as she is currently focusing primarily on pop. Some drunken bar drinkers have specifically spat. in his image. ”

This is what the mural looked like when Taylor Swift was still painted on it

This managed to calm the singer’s fans a bit, since, although her first four albums were of the country genre, the singer in 2014 changed her course and decided to transition to mainstream pop with the album “1989”, later released three more albums until the next change.

After the release of “1989”, in October 2014, the singer got fully involved in pop and by November 2017 she released “Reputation”, her next album, later “Lover” in August 2019 with more experimental pop and for 2020 renewed its sound to something more alternative and experimental.

For this reason, Swift was removed from the Nashville mural, a decision made by the owners of the Legends Corner Bar. Davis, recognizing Taylor’s talent, decided to start a GoFundMe campaign to raise $ 35,000 to paint a mural entirely dedicated to the singer in the place.

Now that the singer’s fans are calmer, they remember how at such an early age she managed to become a legend in the country genre, although now she is within pop and is dominating with alternative music, highlighting that she was born to be a very successful woman in the world.

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