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Out the new album by Taylor Swift: “Midnights”also available in the Deluxe version “Midnights (3am)”. Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated new work includes 13 songs plus 7 more bonus tracks from the extended version, and will be available digitally and physically in multiple formats, available for purchase on the Universal shop: CD and Vinyl Moonston Blue, Jade Green, Blood Moon , Mahogany + Lavender CD with 3 bonus tracks.

Listen to “Midnight (3am)” Taylor Swift’s tenth album, was produced with Jack Antonoff with the participation of, among others, Lana Del Rey and Zoë Kravitz. The concept of the album is all there, in 13 pieces written during 13 different sleepless nights, which occurred at different times in the singer’s life.

The Anti-Hero video clip

On the occasion of the publication of “Midnights”, Taylor Swift also released the official videoclip of the single “Anti-hero”written and directed by the singer-songwriter herself, in which she wanted to represent her greatest fears, including depression and feeling out of place.

The “Midnights” Tracklist

1. Lavender Haze
2. Maroon
3. Anti-Hero
4. Snow On the Beach feat. Lana Del Rey
5. You’re One Your Own, Kid
6. Midnights Rain
7. Question…?
8. Vigilante Shit
9. Bejeweled
10. Labyrinth
11. Karma
12. Sweet Nothing
13. Mastermind

The Tracklist of “Midnights (3am Edition)” bonus tracks:

1. The Great War
2. Bigger Than The Whole Sky
3. Paris
4. High Infidelity
5. Glitch
6. Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve
7. Dear Reader

Who is Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift she managed to bring country music in pop, giving it a contemporary and personal touch. The musical phenomenon known all over the world takes its first steps on MySpace, and in 2005 which is noticed by Scott Borchetta. The first hits come out like “Our Song” And “Teardrops on my guitar”, And the pop star begins to conquer the world. Come on Music Awards at the Grammyshis albums and songs over the years record dizzying numbers: in 2020, the album “Folklore“Sells more than two million copies in the first week, with over 97.87 million streams. She writes and sings about the reissues of “Red” And “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)”, Which records 50 million streams on the first day alone. “Midnights“+”Midnights (3am)”, Is his tenth album of unreleased tracks.

Publisher: Universal Music Italia
Last update: 27.10.2022

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