Teacher’s Day: “I’m grateful for the hundreds of students who have been a part of my life and made me happy.”

Undoubtedly, a symbolic day for education is Teacher’s Day, September 11, which commemorates the death of Domingo F. Sarmiento (September 11, 1888). Former teacher Ana Silvia Tapia spoke on FM Vos (94.5) and Diario San Rafael about the meaning and importance of education.
“Señor” Ana has been developing her profession for 33 years (29 years in front of students and 4 years in the office). At one point, she was both teaching classes and serving as director. She continues to celebrate this day, regardless of her retirement, because “her teacher is her whole life.” He worked in public schools, as an alternative to private schools, and taught in frontier and rural schools for many years. For her last four years, until her retirement, she was a director and teacher at the Colonia German school in La Llave, a job that required her to travel 100 kilometers by car every day.
“By national law, teachers were to be hired as early as the fifth year. Now it was my turn to teach, and they instilled in us the new ideas that emerged in the 60s and 70s. The idea was that teachers should not always teach at the lectern or in front of children without interacting with them; they had to.Thinking, knowledge conclusions, play, creativity, We taught differentiated questions so that we could do group work. We came from a constructivist structure and we had to construct knowledge together with the children, so it was very new and difficult. “All of this required preparation, a change in course, a change in mindset, and promoting the game,” Tapia said. “I was one of those unknown teachers who worked in the classroom with a mission. In small schools with few students, there were sometimes no anecdotes or artists to perform at events. Security guards, teachers , parents and students, we performed plays and danced folk tales,” he recalled.
He also said, “From children, from youth, one learns a lot, because they are the youth of tomorrow and must adapt to it. Because times change and one must adapt. But beyond the lesson, there was something most important.” Teachers do this work with the mission of pouring out a lot of love. Especially these are difficult times, many families are in conflict, children are innocent, children are not responsible and have problems that need a listening ear and love. Give me your heart and time and give me hope that I have to study, because with studying I have a future. ”
Now, in the face of technology and current factors, we believe that teachers’ work has become more complex and requires more preparation to meet the demands. There are many children who drop out, which the teacher stressed is causing distress because “all hopes were placed on them.”
In conclusion, Ana Silvia Tapia emphasized: I am grateful for the hundreds of students who have been a part of my life and made me happy. And I apologize to all the people I, as a human, may have made a mistake in accompanying. Happy Teacher’s Day to all those who are active and to everyone who chose this admirable story. ”

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